PlayStation Eye Camera + Processing 2 (Windows)

Hi all, I have been trying in vain to make the PlayStation Eye Camera work in Windows 7 (64bit) but to no avail. It works fine on linux including all the default video examples of Processing. No luck on Windows :(. Anybody managed to make Processing get data from the camera? All questions/answers I have found on the web are quite old and don't work.

What On windows 7 I have tried using the codelaboratories drivers from here: (CL Eye Platform Driver + CL Eye Platform SDK).

I then try running the default example of the CL drivers: but it complains that it can't locate the appropriate DLL file. I have tried hardcoding its location, moved it into different places but nothing works.

I notice that the drivers have been written in 2010 when processing 1.5 was around, but it hasn't worked with 1.5 either.

Does anybody have any way of making processing talk to the PlayStation Eye Camera on Windows?

Any help/tips much appreciated :)



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    Hello, i am having the same problem now, i've tried everything

    please tell me if you have the solution

  • I have searched and searched and nothing yet. I gave up to be honest. The strange thing is that one friend of mine followed the standard steps and managed to make it work on win7, but I haven't been able to replicate the results. Please, if you find a solution post it here. It would be very helpful as I still need to make it work. cheers

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