Keyboard with suggestion problem

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Hello, I have a small app (Free LED Display) with soft keyboard input. I'm using KetaiKeyboard for showing and hiding it. But I have a trouble with clever soft keyboards (when suggestions or T9 is enabled).

When suggestion was disabled, all works fine.

When suggestions or T9 was enabled, then If I pressed only one character and Enter, it works also fine - onKeyPressed works and I was able to read the one character. But if I typed more characters and then pressed Enter (or if I selected whole word from suggestions) I did not get any reaction (keyTyped, keyPressed and keyReleassed does not work).

Is there any way to read whole words from "clever" keyboards? If it is not possible, is there any way to disable suggestions, T9 and any other advanced input methods?

Thank You for any suggestion.


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    maybe you read multiple keys at once:

    afaik there is a difference between

    keyPressed() as a function and keyPressed as a var.

    • The func is only eval once

    • whereas keyPressed as a var gets eval'ed continously

    thus you could try in draw()

    if keyPressed {
       evalKey(); }

    and then

    void evalKey() {
    switch (key) {
  • Thank You. I tried this approach, but unfortunately behavior of the keyboard is the same. When T9 is enabled, then input works only if I type one character and then enter. When more characters is pressed or if I selected one word from suggestions line, then variable keyPressed does not work.

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