Library not showing :(

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Hi there, I had some weird issues these days with some libraries not showing. I installed them as usual, at the right place etc but some are basically not showing at all

boids ( is one of them

Processing version is 2.0.3 because with OSX 10.6 we cannot install something newer. I have no problem with the other libraries but this one just doesn't appear in the examples list etc.

any tips ??



  • I just downloaded and installed your library. These are the steps i took: download boid, make a new boid folder inside MyDocuments(or mac equivalent)/Processing/libraries. Extract all the folders from the download inside the new boid folder. Start processing, if it's on restart it. The library is showing as any other contributed library along with the examples.

  • I'm currently leading a workshop with students. On ONE computer it doesn't show :-(

    forget about it.. we'll use something else

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