XBOX 360 Controller Emulation Library

I'm working on a sketch that requires the ability to emulate an XBOX 360 controller, wireless if possible. My laptop has bluetooth which I believe is what a wireless XBOX 360 controller uses. I've done numerous Google searches but haven't turned anything up. To be clear, I'm not trying to use an XBOX 360 controller as an input to a Processing sketch. I'm wanting to control the XBOX 360 with my Processing sketch. Thanks for any help!

I've already hacked an XBOX 360 controller with an Arduino using USB port communication from a Processing script on my PC. I'm wanting to eliminate the Arduino and controller hack and go directly to the XBOX.


  • Unfortunately Microsoft as always, does their proprietary crap. The Xbox and it's controllers run off of radio signals... so figuring that out in processing might be even harder than it would seem.

  • It seems to me that you need a Processing bluetooth library so that your laptop can send instructions to your XBOX. Once you have that then you need to work out what signals need to be sent to emulate the controller.

    A quick Google search on 'processing library bluetooth' came up with lots of hits this one seemed interesting.

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