Processing applications output to every console

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When I have multiple sketches open, the output of one sketch gets dumped into the consoles of all the other unrelated sketch windows. Is this a bug? How do I make this not happen?



  • Yes, I noticed that as well. I would mark this as a bug. Even more as Processing tend to favor making new windows instead of recycling them (eg. when opening a sketch).

    [Back after a trip to the Issues page] This is actually an official bug:

    Looks hard to fix, alas.

  • Ah, oh well. Thank you for digging that up. Incidentally, I was just about to make a feature request to not open a new window if a sketch is loaded but the current document is empty and unmodified (i.e. start -> load).

  • It was the behavior of old versions of Processing... At least when you opened a sketch from the toolbar. So I suppose they changed it on purpose, perhaps for consistency. But I still fail to see the advantage of not recycling windows...

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