Left bracket and Quotes keys not working in Linux Mint

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I'm trying to use the Processing IDE in Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon 64bit. But no matter which version I use, there are 2 keys that don't output anything in the IDE. So I can't type any of these characters: [ { ' " on an English keyboard

This only happens in the Processing IDE and on this particular version of Mint.

I would use another linux distro, but my computer is extremely picky with linux and this version of Mint is one of the few that I could install on it. The others that worked were not based on Ubuntu and I didn't feel quite comfortable with them yet.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated!


  • I'm at Lubuntu 13.04 64-bit and currently using us(altgr-intl) keymap.
    Perhaps you should try some experiments w/ keymap config?

    For an ugly alternative, you can install a lighter OS in VirtualBox and use Processing from there! ~:>

  • Thank you GoToLoop!

    The problem disappeared with version 2.1. I don't know if it was specifically addressed or it just got solved with Java 7.

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    Well, I'm still using v2.0.2 yet! @-)
    But I always removed Processing's old bundled Java. So the already installed 64-bit OpenJDK 7 is used instead! $-)

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