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Hi everybody :) I've been using Processing to create some Android apps, but I think that would be great if I could use those apps on iOS.

So I thought: since processing is based on Java, could I use an Java platform that creates iOS apps and reuse my codes(adding processing library) on it to make an iOS app or I'll have alot of troubles on doing that? There's another way to use processing to create iOS Apps? (I found on google but it seems outdated)

These are some platforms that I'm thinking to use:

Thanks everybody.



  • Well, but I can't still figure out how some functions as onFlick and others relationed to the phone could be converted, specially because they are from a "custom" library ... seems mind blowing for me.

    Anyway, I will try first search how to use processing on "pure java", then I test some basic iOS things.

    If nothing works I'll search other cross plataforms and languages...

    Thanks, Pedro.

  • if your bold enough to try c++ dont forget Setting it up can be a pain(on linux) but its got alot in common with processing.

  • Curious if you made any progress on this Pedrog. I've been looking into RoboVM and from what I've seen so far (which admittedly isn't much) it seems like it should work. Here's a good talk on the process Unfortunately I don't have a Mac, so I can't try it for myself. But I would love to seen some sort of solution for deploying Java based Processing sketches to iOS.

  • Can't you export it as javascript and then show that in the ios equivalent of a WebView?

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    If ProcessingJS supports webGL (I don't know), you can use CocoonJS to transform a webGL movie in a IOS app without any modification of the code. The results are very impressive on my ipad mini (the first one), it runs exactly as if it was a X-code app.

    If not, it need "a little" work but I think it's not so hard to port processing in OpenFl (based on Haxe which is based on AS3) , at least for all the API. I'm not sure to know exactly how works all the rendering pipelin of Processing.

    OpenFl can target a lot of platforms but, contrary to cocoonJs, you need to adapt a little bit your code for each

  • I don't know anything about it really, just that I believe it was developed with Processing and is available on iTunes.

  • Honestly, From what I've been doing with Android and WebView, I'm sure you could use the new P5.js to create mobile web-apps that could be put into a Web Wrapper for both Android and iOS. Sadly I can't mess with the iOS ecosystem since I use a oneplus X, and a linux Desktop. XCode is OS X only :(.

  • If you setup Processing in a more professional IDE like Eclipse, then you are using Processing as just another library in Java, so if you setup RoboVM and include processing as a library you should be able to make it work.

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