Arduino Serial.print to processing.serial - NewPing ultra sonic sensors.

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Hello All,

Complete noob here so apologies for any mistakes made.

I am a university student first off so this is one of those things things that had to be learnt ASAP so bits are missing in my knowledge. I study Product Design or Industrial Design to those of you in the states.

I have three HC-SR04 (Ultrasonic) sensors being read and printed to my arduino serial. Processing was reading the 3 values and printing to the standard graph example (But overlapping). This isn't ideal but was okay for progress.

I have changed my Arduino code to print ' 0="" 1="" 2="" ' I.e. '0=65 1=89 2=102'

My noob question would be - How do I tell processing to read the numbers after the = separately.

I.e. If 0 =< 50 then do something If 1 =< 50 then do something if 2 =<50 do something.

The eventual hope is to have processing understand various positions i.e. If (0 =< 50, 1 =< 50, 2 =< 50) Do this.

I would like to (eventually) have about 8 of these if statements causing various reactions.

I haven't posted any code as I have the communication working but I just don't get the reading in processing. I understand it is reading ASCII but that is about it.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated and I can help with any design queries (3D printing, Laser cutting etc) they may have.

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