Hemesh & HemeshGUI errors

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I have been trying to import and Generate an STL file using the Hemesh and the HemeshGUI as** Erik Wrenholt** explained in his Post . I followed every step and check it more than once but still getting errors !!. - on Processing 2.1 It keeps giving me " wblut library not found " and i already put it in the Library folder !

and on Processing 1.5.1 which is a stable version . It keeps giving me error message saying
''The Function gui(); not found " Despite the fact that i put the HemeshGUI folder inside the Sketch book directory but outside the Library folder as he said. Any help . I need to fix this ASAP

  • P.S : the instructions in the post was for Mac users and i am PC user . But it was the same for both .


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    All of that is outdated. You might have more succes with the updated version (for recent versions of Processing and used libraries) made available here:


  • Thanks amnon for your reply . I tried an older version of Hemesh Library on processing 1.5.1 with HemeshGUI (0.2) on another pc and it worked ! :) .

    But the main issue now is how to import my STL or the OBJ files in to the Hemesh GUI (0.2) in order to start modifying it ??

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    As far as I know Hemesh does not have such an import option. However, Toxiclibs does have an STLReader and Hemesh has a HEC_FromToxiTriangleMesh creator. So indirectly, you may be able to do it: STL > Toxiclibs TriangleMesh > Hemesh HE_Mesh.

    Also check out this post: http://leonnicholls.com/hemesh-colorizer/

    I think Leon used the approach decribed above and his code is open source.

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