How to create a standalone executable program from processing

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I was wondering how to create a stand along executable file from processing. When I export an application from processing, I still cant run it without using processing. I've seen on other forums the suggestion of using exej4 and such programs to convert files into executable, but I am unsure how to use them. I'm a very noob programmer and a step by step instruction on how to create a stand alone executable program from a sketch would be quite helpful, even if it is using external programs.


  • which version? which operating system?

  • I'm using windows 8, processing version 2.1

  • Upgrade to 2.1.1

    And you don't need to reject (or accept) answers, you can ignore the nagging dialog.

  • Keep in mind that the executable Processing puts out can only be run on your current system, and it's not even a single file for Windows.

    You can indeed use exe4j or launch4j, but they both only output Windows executables. Alternatively, JWrapper outputs executables for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I would suggest checking out the documentation for whichever executable wrapper you choose, they'll have more specific information than we can give you.

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