impossible to calculate number at fractional power

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Hi ... I can not understand how to write a complex mathematical function.

I would like to be able to calculate the density of the air as a function of: pressure, temperature and humidity.

This is the formula.

air density=1/temperature*( pressure- humidity*610.78*10^(7.5* temperature-2048.625/temperature-35.85)/287.05+humidity*610.78*10^(7.5* temperature-2048.625/temperature-35.85)/461.495)

How could I do?

This is what I thought, but it does not work.

 // text(nf(1/(273.15+Temp)*((PAtm+249.08)-Umid*610.78*pow(10,7.5*(273.15+Temp)-2048.625/((273.15+Temp)-35.85))/287.05)
 // +(Umid*610.78*pow(10,7.5*(273.15+Temp)-2048.625/((273.15+Temp)-35.85))/461.495),0,2), width-342,height-539); 


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