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I have been working on a project to get all the upcoming shows playing at the Boch Center in Boston, MA. The show listings can be found at the following url I have been watching the working with data tutorial videos on YouTube by Daniel Shiffman, which I would highly recommend to anyone who has questions about this subject. Below is the code I have written for my project.

String[] rawhtml;
String [] shows;
String html;
int j = 0;

void setup(){
  rawhtml = loadStrings("");
  shows = new String[75];

void draw(){
  for(int i = 0; i < rawhtml.length; i++){
    if(rawhtml[i].indexOf("<div class=\"show-title\">") >= 0){
      shows[j] = rawhtml[i+3];

It almost works, when printArray(shows) starts printing results in the bottom of the screen I do see the show listing information I am looking for. My problem is I get an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 75" error. I feel like I just need an else statement to stop my int j from going over the boundary but I'm not sure what that statement should be. Does anyone know how to keep my int j from going out of bounds?

Thank you for the help.


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    Several things

    There is a new forum and you want to go there

    After line 11 say j=0

    Line 14: i+3 goes beyond last index

    Line 11: replace 75 with rawhtml.length

  • Thanks for the help Chrisir. I still don't quite understand the code logic you suggested. I will take this discussion over to the new forum and ask over there.

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    Thanks a lot mate.

    Each of the 3 points would require a small explanation ;-)

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