Spanish cheatsheet for processing?

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Hi, I'm search this excellent cheatset in spanish

It was disponible but not anymore. Thanks


  • Did you try the site at the bottom of the pdf?

  • you are right, they are gone. and that site is redirecting to a hosting company

    but i have saved them via the internet wayback machine and they (spanish and english) are now here:

  • huzzah <:-P

  • I'm not sure how up to date they are (the English one was snapshotted in 2017, the Spanish one earlier, and they aren't versioned) and lack the ability (and the desire tbh) to maintain them but at least they are easier to find now.

  • German also available?

    It’s pretty cool.

    Is it editable?

  • it's literally two files copied from somewhere that's now defunct in order to make them easier to find.

    german wasn't listed. but feel free to translate.

    i don't have a pdf editor, that i know of, so don't expect updates. if i did, i'd fix the indenting...

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