PraxisLIVE v4 released

PraxisLIVE is an open-source hybrid visual IDE and runtime for (live) creative coding. It offers a powerful alternative environment for working with the Processing library. Easily create projections, interactive spaces, custom VJ tools, sonic performance instruments, media for theatre; use it as a live digital sketchbook, test out ideas, experiment with code ...


Features include -

  • Intuitive graphical node-based patching, where every component is similar to a Processing sketch - mix multiple sketches together without the overhead.
  • Wide range of pre-built components.
  • Real-time live programming - rewrite any component as it is running, without missing a frame, for live coding or faster creative development.
  • Integrated GStreamer 1.x support with re-codeable playback and capture components.
  • Unlimited number of pipelines, running locally or remotely - run in multiple processes for improved performance or crash-free multiple windows; run across multiple machines for large projects or live-coding a Pi.
  • Audio library with JACK support, and ability to re-code synthesis down to the per-sample level.
  • Integrated GUI, MIDI, TinkerForge, OSC and Syphon/Spout bindings.
  • Threading done right - entirely lock-free communication between pipelines, locally and remotely; background resource loading and management.
  • Compositing fixed - pre-multiplied alpha ensures correct blending across multiple transparent surfaces.
  • Professional IDE base (Apache NetBeans) with full code-completion and support for Java 8 features.
  • Fully FLOSS stack, including bundled OpenJDK on Windows and macOS.

Recent changes include -

  • PraxisCORE runtime is now LGPL, with support for standalone projects.
  • Support for using any Java libraries, and access to underlying Processing PApplet, images and graphics for library integration (eg. HE_Mesh above).
  • Data root pipelines and improved reference handling for building custom background tasks, IO, passing around geometry data, etc.
  • Most built-in components now re-codeable, including video composite, mixer, player and capture.
  • Improved UI, with start page tasks for installing examples and additional components; updated graph UI (with bezier curves!)

Download from -
Online documentation (still being updated for v4) -

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