[minim] Saving audioSample to .wav

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I recorded with audioRecorder, then converted it to audioSample to access it's arrays and mess around with the sounds (playing it back with .trigger() ) But I'm now stumped on how to actually save this audioSample to a .wav (the audioRecorder has to be able to record all the while in parallel with whatever the method for saving is as well..)

Hopefully someone has a method that could work for this? Diving deeper in to the library but no glimpse of how to achieve this yet :(


  • Main bottleneck, other than the fact that there isn't a handy save function, is that using trigger() on the audioSample bypasses the audioOutput even though its patched in, so I'm unable to place a audioRecorder to the output and save it from there. (it picks up the beeps from playNote() but not trigger() :/)

    Probably going to resolve this outside of processing as I've no current leads (Saving the initial audio recordings and doing post-processing everything that I had already done in Processing >_> all because lacking a save function..), but still curious on how one would go about this properly..

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