running app as root on rpi

I'm trying to use the ps3eye with processing on a raspberry pi. When I try running from the processing IDE it crashes saying that the program doesn't have permission to access the usb camera. If I export the app and run from the command line with sudo it works fine.

Is there an easy way to make the processing ide run apps as root so I don't have to export the app everytime i want to run it during development.


  • @jayson You should be able to run Processing as root by executing root processing in a terminal.

    Another possibility is to simply make the USB webcam available to all users, by running something like this sudo chmod 666 /dev/video*.

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    @jayson I recommend you go with gohai's second option, running user applications or large programming environments like Processing as 'root' is a really bad idea -- one bug or mis-step and you can easily trash the system (O.S.)

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