How can I install Tensorflow on processing, so I can use it in my scketches?

Hello, I just want to install Tensorflow to use it in my Processing sketches.
I tried moving some files from to the libraries folder of processing, but it didn't worked.
How can I import Tensorflow library in Processing?



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    I don't see any directions for installing it for Processing. Which installation directions are you following?

    Which files did you copy? Just copying some files doesn't automagically create a library...

    Your best bet is probably to follow the installation instructions for Java:

    What OS are you trying to get this to work on? Windows?

    We're basically at a complete loss as to how to help you. Why do you need it to work with Processing? It would be much easier to get it to work with Python, or Java... Or Go...

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    I copied the files that you need to download to install on windows from tensorflow page.
    Then i tried to install it into java, but it didn't worked.
    I'm on windows.

  • Your best bet is probably to create a Java project that uses both Processing and TensorFlow as libraries.

  • TensorFlow in Processing
    The Java binding for the Google Deep Learning library, TensorFlow is now available.

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