How to use QRcode style corner markers for computer vision?

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Hi, I would like to find an object with a webcam and I would like to use the markers you can find in the three corners of a QRcode. There are libraries for QRcodes even with a find marker function but they only work if you have a fully readable QRcode. I would like to just slab the corner Markers on a playing card and then triangulate the position. I've found this: I don't really know how to translate this into Processing and I have a hard time with the syntax. I think it also uses many functions that aren't available in Processing.

Does perhaps someone know a tutorial that explains more the theory with pseudo code? I understand the concept of looking for Black and white pixels in the ratio of 1;1;3;1;1. How could I search for this pattern in the pixels array at different distances with some margin of error?


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