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Hi there, I'm looking for a way to add graphics on an input mp4 video, to get a video mp4 also including the graphics. I basically need to add the author's information at the bottom of the video. I try to get an automatic process in the shortest possible time processing is great for graphics and I know it takes different types of input files and can export to video, so my question is: is it possible with processing or p5 to create a small software that adds graphics (for infos taken from a txt file for example) at the bottom of the video, possibly p5 to control the process from the browser.

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  • Not sure about p5.js but I bet you can do this using the Video Export library using Processing java. You can install the library using the Contribution manager in the PDE and run the provided examples. The concept is this: You load the video file, you load your text file, you create a recorder then you play each frame, adds the text and call the record function. Iy should work.

    I am tagging @hamoid as he might be able to provide you a better sense since he is the maintainer of this useful library. By the way, if you check the other examples, you will see hot to manage the fps and other video attributes which can be handy in your case.


  • If you want to do this with a non-interactive utility, you could instead just use a general purpose video transcoding and manipulating tool -- for example, ffmpeg.

    You could also build a watermark or credit bar image in Processing and the save the image to disk and call out to ffmpeg with exec() to composite it.

  • Rather than modify the actual movie file itself, HTML5 allows you to add 'subtitles' to your video.

    For instance you might have this HTML

      <video width="720" height="400" controls>
        <source src="trailer.mp4">
        <track src="subtitles.vtt" srclang="en" default>

    The 'vtt' is a simple text file in the WebVTT format, as example of subtitle.vtt would be

    00:05.000 --> 00:10.500
    Welcome to my video
    12:10.000 --> 33:22.000
    Author Jack the Ripper
    33:22.000 --> 33:25.000

    Note the times are "minutes:seconds.milliseconds"

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    A VTT utility class could make generating vtt files really easy. There might already by something out there in Java, although I haven't looked closely.

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