text function not working

Hi all, only have one android device to test. Galaxy Tab E version 4.4.4

The basic processing function fails to render any text. It complies with no errors so im a little stumped. Can anyone reproduce?


  • Can you please provide a simple example program that demonstrates the problem?

  • from the examples

     * Words. 
     * The text() function is used for writing words to the screen. 
    int x = 30;
    PFont fontA;
    void setup() 
      size(200, 200);
      // Load the font. Fonts must be placed within the data 
      // directory of your sketch. Use Tools > Create Font 
      // to create a distributable bitmap font. 
      // For vector fonts, use the createFont() function. 
      fontA = loadFont("Ziggurat-HTF-Black-32.vlw");
      // Set the font and its size (in units of pixels)
      textFont(fontA, 32);
      // Only draw once
    void draw() {
      // Use fill() to change the value or color of the text
      text("ichi", x, 60);
      text("ni", x, 95);
      text("san", x, 130);
      text("shi", x, 165);
  • Have you tried narrowing down the problem at all? What happens if you get rid of the font loading stuff? What happens if you try different sizes and positions?

  • Answer ✓


    • be sure that you have created the font

    • set size to 800X600 (200 is very little for a phone with 480 dpi!)

    • && first of all uncomment your noLoop() or erase it

    • try: it must work...

  • Strangley it does work now, came back to it today and its all happy. Not exactly sure what the problem was.

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