Open() Not Working

Hey Everyone,

So I asked this question concerning how to combine 3 different applications into 1

From lurking I have learned the following methods I could go about to do this:

  1. use Java and embed my sketches in a Swing interface (rewrite programs into some complicated Java monstrosity)
  2. Rewitre code to launch separate windows using G4P (seems better than option 1 but still a pain in the ass because trying to write functions to get the LEAP motion api calls to work in the separate windows wont be easy)
  3. Use Open() at the end of each program to run the next program (quick and dirty, just the way I like it!)

Now theoretically I could get more functionality from 1 and 2 (in terms of program flow and better user interface) and would probably learn more and be better off in my future efforts, however time is of the essence at the moment. Each of the programs creates csv data files from user input that I will use to create a visualization so the manner in which I get the programs to run is somewhat irrelevant at this point. Only problem is I cant get open() to work correctly. See below:

void setup() {
  size(200, 200);

void draw() { 
  // draw() must be present for mousePressed() to work

void mousePressed() {

 open("C:/Users/corbett2/Documents/Processing/test/application.windows64/test.bat");  //doesn't work
 open(new String[] { "cmd", "/c", "start", "/w",   "C:/Users/corbett2/Documents/Processing/test/application.windows64/test.bat"}); //also doesn't work


I've tried a bunch of different ways to use open() but it wont run the program. I'm using windows 8. I exported the application "test" which created the "test.bat" located in C:/Users/corbett2/Documents/Processing/test/application.windows64. I believe you have to export your sketch before you can try to use open() on it right? As said before, the idea here is to use a call to open() at the close of each of my 3 applications in order to run them.

So my specific questions are as follows:

  1. Which of the 3 methods I listed would you recommend I pursue for my issue? If none, please feel free to suggest something else.
  2. Will option 3 using open() work? Why or why not?
  3. Correct my open() issue.

Thanks in advance!

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