[Proposal] Analytical Visualization Tools (Processing)

edited March 2018 in Summer of Code 2018

Hello everyone,

@reas, tagging @shiffman just in case.

I'm Nikhil from Bangalore, India. I posted my Draft Proposal for GSoC 2018 a while ago but I recieved no feedback or response. I suspect this is my fault due to my inability to form a proper draft and not sharing it anywhere, I have made edits and changes to the draft after looking at other submissions. Here's the link to the draft : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hvvAfJQsswZNkOFeGGRenBvt1TGTxI9vUkHVvW2Ssto/edit?usp=sharing

All and any feedback is appreciated, be it positive or negative. Thank you.


  • Left some comments in the proposal, thank you for your interest @snix97!

  • @shiffman Thank you for the feedback, I have made a few changes to the proposals and have switched from D3.js to p5.js completely. Hope it makes more sense now.

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