[Proposal] Color add-on and I/O improvements


I'm Tanvi Kumar from NIT Trichy, India. I've submitted the draft of my proposal at the GSoC site :

Proposal Draft

The proposal draft has commenting enabled, I'd appreciate some feedback!

@shiffman @Imccart , my proposal currently merges two projects together, I assume that involves having two mentors for the project. Would that be alright? I'd love some direction regarding this. I'd be willing to split them into two different proposals but I believe I can do both given the 12 weeks time.


  • It's great to be ambitious, however, I think it's often the case that less canb e done in one summer than one initially thinks! I would probably suggest splitting these into two proposals. You can mention you'd be willing to do both referencing the other if you have enough time.

  • @shiffman Submitted two proposals as suggested! Thanks!

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