New examples for p5.sound + modularization

edited March 2018 in Summer of Code 2018


So as much as I love tinkering with p5.sound, I've equally felt that my life would have been made easier by some expansive set of examples—that show not only the library's features, but also the possibilities opening up when it is used with other features of p5.js and/or other libraries. Which is what I am proposing here. I know the gsoc call is more focused on improving the codebase itself, which is part of my plan, but I also think that establishing good working examples is an effective way to engage users, especially beginners.

Anyway, here goes the link to the proposal draft! I'd be happy to hear any comments, feedback etc. Thanks.



  • Hi Achim,

    I like this approach of integrating sound + other aspects of p5, and the balance between improvements to the library + new examples. Curious to hear more specifics about how you'd want to modularize/refactor the p5.sound library? And I left some comments in the doc.

  • Thanks for the comments @talkscheap! Writing and revising the proposal was an enjoyable learning process. Regardless of how the results go, will be happy to discuss more about these ideas in the future!

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