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I think it would be nice to have a way to easily load and save snippets of code within the PDE. A folder in the Templates folder for Snippets could hold PDE files, each one being its own snippet of code. Maybe you could highlight some code in the PDE, right-click and save as a snippet. And you could load with the same right-click context menu. It is just an idea, but it would be maybe a nice way to organize bits of code.



  • Good idea!

  • @Bird -- is this something you would imagine being just a local folder, or being integrated with one of the code snippets web services / APIs?

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    @jeremydouglass I was thinking to a local folder, but a service or API would also be good. I have used Bitbucket for snippets, but not sure how to integrate it with Processing. It seems like the local folder option should be fairly simple to implement, if there is any interest, but I'm certainly not the one to do it.

  • but I'm certainly not the one to do it.

    Sure you are! Give it a try, you'd be surprised at what you can do in a weekend.

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