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Greetings to the community,

I would like to contribute to The Processing Foundation during this Google Summer of Code 2018. I am focusing on the project "Android mode translations" and i would be extremely obliged if someone from the community could guide me about the type of solution they are looking for.

One way we could go forward is that we keep the messages specific to a particular mode in a particular file and we give the user an option to select their country/language and we implement a Web API which would then convert the file into the native language and thus the messages would now be available in the native language.



  • Hello, and welcome! We have been discussing this project idea in previous threads, so you may want to take a look to them:

    Right now, the PDE has a translation system where message strings for different languages are hard-coded, and felt that we could follow that approach. However, I think the idea of using a Web API has the advantage of supporting in principle any language without the need of updating the mode, however, there is the potential issue of the translations not being 100% accurate since they are machine generated (although I also recognize that automatic translation is pretty good at this point, at least for some languages). Also, the Android mode should be usable when the computer is off-line, so I wonder how that wold affect a web-based translation mechanism.

  • Hello codeanticode, I was suggesting that the Web API would be hit only once for each language change request, such as when the user downloads the PDE and selects a particular language, the file would be converted in that particular language for static use. Similarly whenever a language change request is made the file would be refreshed via the API.

  • Hi, ok yes that could work out. After installation, the Android mode needs connection at least once to download Gradle, so it is a reasonable solution. I still wonder about the accuracy of the automatic translations, particularly for less common languages, but the text messages are in general fairly straightforward so it should not be big issue.

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    Hi, Even i assumed that the text messages used in PDE might not be that complex and could be easily machine translated with high accuracy. I have drafted a proposal for this task wherein i have this small algorithm which cross validates the accuracy and acts accordingly. I would like to discuss it with the mentors so if you could review it on the GSOC platform,I'll notify you once i upload a mini proposal there.

    Also, Is the translation mode project a standalone task for GSOC or is it grouped along with the AR core task ie would the organization have two students handling each of these or a single one?

  • @codeanticode Sir i have submitted a proposal according to our discussions

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