Setting up processing to work with OpenCV


I am new to the forum. I have been "playing" with Arduino for a while now and have decided to get into processing to do some fun projects with the 2 interacting. I began yesterday with a tutorial to make a webcam follow a face;

After lots of errors I fixed some by using Google and helpful communities such as this one. In the end it was late and I had lots of different versions and files to the point where it was all a bit messy. So now having deleted all versions of Processing and OpenCV.... I am ready to begin again.

My first question at this point is about 32/64 bit systems. My PC is windows 64 bit. The error I was getting was that I cannot use a 32 bit programme on a 64 bit system. I was wondering; if I download the 32 bit version of processing, will work on my 64 bit windows. And it turn, will the 32 bit OpenCV work with the 32 bit processing?

Sorry if I am using incorrect terms or explaining badly. I am very new to this and know little about the IT side of things so I'm learning as I go. Once I have the project working I will make changes and tweak it to help me gain a deeper understanding of how it works.

Thanks in advance Paul


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    Hi Paul,

    ff you are new to prosessing I would assume that it make more sense for you to use the OpenCV libary from Greg Borenstein (see Very good examples. I've been using this library for a couple of month now and I'm on a 64-bit system (Win8.1), latest 64-Bit processing release. But I tried the library either on Linux, Raspberry-x86 and Raspbery-PI. For myself I dig much deeper in OpenCV and implemented an approach to get access to all native opencv methods inside Gregs library.

    It may tale some time to get an understanding how things works. And regret to say that you may find nowadays more Phyton examples for OpenCV than for java and processing.

    I checked the tutorial, it might be easy to make the example working with Gregs library.

    The issue around the 32/64 could have other reasons, I've seen them with own libraries built for Processing but could'nt remember yet what I've done to fix it.


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