How to switch 3 videos by using vibration sensor in processing and arduino

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I'm new in using processing.I want to make a video installation that uses vibration sensor to switch there different videos.

I want to attach a vibration sensor to a small 3D model. People can shake the model with hands.

When the model is still, the screen will play video-A.

When people shake the model in different frequency,then screen plays video-B(low frequency) or video-C(high frequency).

Can this realise? Can the frequency of shaking be the variables? How could other two videos(B/C) play in different frequency by using Arduino?




  • Can the frequency of shaking be the variables?

    If you just want shaking to change the video:

    A - shake - B - shake - C - shake - A

    ... this is really easy.

    However, measuring the frequency of a vibration sensor in terms of arm moments back and forth is harder -- depending on the type of sensor. You may need to record a time sample and measure it.

    What sensor are you using?

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