"forum.processing.org uses an invalid security certificate."

forum.processing.org uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate expired on 11 March 2018, 23:59. The current time is 12 March 2018, 09:35.



  • @koogs===

    i get the same...

  • edited March 12

    I had to move to another browser in order to have the option to assign an exception for the forum's expired certificate. [-(

  • main processing.org site is ok, forum.processing.org isn't

  • It's fixed now! Back to my main browser!!! <:-P

  • I ran into the same issue. Thxs for the updates @koogs @akenaton @GoToLoop


  • I had it too

  • edited March 12

    Yes, I think this was resolved.

    Last night I was getting incorrect time errors on mobile Chrome (not Safari) -- it seemed as if (?) the server time had not updated to match daylight savings, triggering an error. Chrome's guess was that my system clock was incorrect -- although it was not.

  • The certificate had expired; I replaced it earlier today.

  • thank you!

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