using fullScreen() to play videos on three different monitors

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Hi there. I'm trying to play three different videos in three different monitors for an art project. I'm using three LED TVs which I set them in 1280x720 pixels each. The code (and the project) includes an ultrasonic sensor that allows to play or stop the videos, but the main issue is that I can't use the fullScreen(P2D, SPAN); function(?). It gaves me the "Framebuffer objects are not supported by this hardware (or driver)..." error. What can I do?!. I searched for info but I didn't find anything. So...If you remember any thread or info or a past project with this issue, please comment

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Here's the code:

//import processing.serial.Serial;

//Serial myPort;
//String val;   
Movie video1, video2, video3;

void settings() {

void setup() {

  video1 = new Movie(this, "estas ahi.mp4");
  video2 = new Movie(this, "estas lejos.mp4");
  video3 = new Movie(this, "me gustaria estar aqui.mp4");
  //String portName = Serial.list()[0];
  //myPort = new  Serial(this, portName, 9600);

//void serialEvent (Serial myPort) {
  //if (myPort.available() > 0) {


//void serialEvent(final Serial s) {
  //val = s.readString().trim();

void draw() {


void movieEvent(Movie video) {;


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    Hi again! The admins of this forum tagged the question with fullScreen(SPAN) and I tried in the code and it worked! =D>

    But I'm still missing something (and I don't know if I have to open another thread but...) How can I get sound for each video in each TV? Im running processing with an HP Pavilion g4 Notebook PC w/ Windows 10.

  • That just means you've switched from the P2D OpenGL based renderer to the default Java2D renderer. If that's good enough for what you want to do then you should be OK, but it sounds like the OpenGL renderer doesn't work on your hardware.

    I'm assuming a sketch with fullScreen(P2D) or without the video library doesn't work either?

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