Human detection from a webcam captured Frames.

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I am developing a home automation circuit using camera. I need to detect presence of human at some particular areas, to turn on lights using arduino. Can anyone help me by providing the key algorithm to detect human. I already used the pixel color method to detect number of pixels change, to detect motion, but i actually need presence of human, not motion.


  • but i actually need presence of human, not motion.

    What other motion do you expect to see in your video cam? Like pets? If you can detect the change of pixels, the an easy way is to detect the actual amount of pixel change and infer from this info if it is the equivalent of a person.

    You can also explore the blob library. It allows you to detect shapes which will be convenient in your differential image.

    to turn on lights using arduino

    That is a big problem. If the lights are out, then it is very likely your camera won't be able to see a thing...


  • What kind of camera are you using? IR? Kinect?

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