Where to find gifs?

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Hey everyone!

I know this might be a weird question, and not the correct place to ask but: Where can I find gifs to use for coding?

I am trying to make a game and I'm planning on having a character that moves in 4 directions. Up, down, left and right. Pretty simple. However, I would like this character to have animations for moving in such directions, as well as standing still. Now the problem I am having, is finding such gifs. It doesn't really matter what the character looks like, as long as it has these 5 animations. But I'm having trouble scouring the web for such gifs. Most of my search results are not useable for my intentions.

I have been trying to find a place where animations as such exit (I'm fairly certain they do), but have been unsuccessful. Is there any website where I could find these type of gifs?

Kind regards



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