Sqr(); does strange wave offset (Processing 3 Sound library)

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Hi there,

Working with Sqr(); of the Processing 3 Sound library I realized that it does an strange negative offset of the wave (or so). Even working with the simplest set, i. e. the example from the library.

In the image below you could see different tests, there you could also see that using more Sqr(); at a time, the offset sums up. In the first test there are 4 Sqr, in the second 3, then 2 and 1. When stopped the sketch goes back to zero. Captura de pantalla 2018-02-13 a las 22.06.30

This test were made wiring sound through "multiple output device" and Soundflower and recorded on Audacity on a MacOs 10.12 with Processing 3 and the library updated.

And the more I rise the input volume the more the offset per Sqr(); in the Audacity graph.

I tried offsetting the output of the Sqr() using add(), but didn't get any difference (actually I think I'm not able to make add() do something at all in any oscillator).

Anyone clue on this?

Thanks a lot.

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