GSOC 2018 - Development Environment: JavaScript Prototype


My name is Pedro, I'm a Brazilian student and I've just learned about GSOC this year! I'm on my last year of college and I've done a lot of projects myself, using a lot of different tools, but never contributed to an open source one. So doing this would be a new experience for me.

I was reading about Processing and I loved the idea behind the project and the feeling that I got from reading the description . And when I saw the "guy from the coding train" promoting the software I knew I had to take a better look (his coding challenge videos where what got me more interested in html/js).

I looked around the Ideas List and I stumbled across one which I liked and thought I was able to contribute: "Development Environment: JavaScript Prototype"

Building an IDE sounds like a new and challenging thing for me (which is always a good thing).

I have some experience using Electron to build Desktop applications (only college projects and using node on the back-end tought), but I made a quick search and modifying for java shouldn't (hopefully) be a big problem.

For my java experience I've mainly worked with some back-end stuff with spring / hibernate.

I don't know if I got the idea for this project 100% right, or even how should I introduce myself, but I would love to hear from you guys if I could be of some help on this project.

Thank you very much.

-- Pedro Azevedo


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