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Can I get some help building PROCESSING 3.3.6 (REV 0263) from source available here:

I CAN build the 0264 version available here:

With these instructions:

I CAN'T build PROCESSING 3.3.6 (REV 0263) with same instructions. It seems to hiccup on getting the jre-8u144-windows-x64.tar.gz

Note: I discovered that build 0264 build does not display "τ" or "π" (characters I was using) and replaces it with a "?"

I have had success with a portable version for 264 build using tips from:

I want to do the same for PROCESSING 3.3.6 (REV 0263)



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    I had success building this!

    What does changing the version of Java (from 8.144.1 to 8.162.12) do when building Processing from source? Can I expect any problems?

    I was able to build PROCESSING 3.3.6 (REV 0263) by modifying \processing-processing-0263-3.3.6\build\build.xml :

    Original (in build 0263):

      <property name="jdk.version" value="8" />
      <property name="jdk.update" value="144" />
      <property name="" value="1" />
      <!-- See
           or -->
      <property name="jdk.hash" value="090f390dda5b47b9b721c7dfaa008135" />

    Replaced with (copied from build 0264):

      <property name="jdk.version" value="8" />
      <property name="jdk.update" value="162" />
      <property name="" value="12" />
      <!-- See
           or -->
      <property name="jdk.hash" value="0da788060d494f5095bf8624735fa2f1" />

    Characters such as "τ" or "π" display correctly with 3.3.6 (REV 0263) with downloaded build and my build.

    Characters such as "τ" or "π" DO NOT display correctly with 3.3.7 (REV 0264) and display a ? in place of character on the screen.

    I now have a working portable version!


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