Kinect color and movement tracking triggering certain sounds :)

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Hello everyone! It's my first post so please forgive any issues. I've been using Processing for some time now but I'd still consider myself as a beginner! I'm studying Popular Music and together with friends we want to create an interactive installation for a uni project, it would be a massive massive help from you to tell us if what we want to do is possible. The idea is to make an interactive audio-visual installation using Kinect. The installation where a person acts as an instrument. We're thinking of using Kinect to detect colours, depth and movement, that would ideally trigger certain parameters in sounds. For example: bright colours = higher frequencies, body movement from left to right = panning, etc. We would be super thankful if you could give us a bit of help or advice! All the best, Marta


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    In principle it is all quite doable.

    The devil is in the details with video sound control (or any video features project or any sound control project, really). Some things (like "brighter = higher frequency") are dead simple. Controlling some aspect of sound with the absolute centroid of a single body should not be hard, but defining "left and right motion" in a way that creates intuitive results could be a bit trickier than "left and right position." Etc.

    If you have experience with Processing / Java, this makes sense as a first Kinect project. If you and your friend have little or no experience at all with video or sound, this sounds a little advanced for a first project -- you might want to start with a normal web cam and very simple parameters, then work your way up.

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