Unfolding not working in Processing 3

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Hi I tried to run the examples from Unfolding library but it doesn't work in Processing 3. Have someone manage to make it work properly? I have this error: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: quality

Any other library to display data over a map? Thanks



  • This error is similar to what it was reported here: https://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/comment/110743/#Comment_110743

    What version of unfolding do you have? Where did you get it from?


  • Hi, I downloaded from the web I guess 0.9.6. Now I see that is not compatible with Processing 3. Any suggestion? Thanks

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    If you are working on Windows, I can send you the jar files of v0.9.8. Send me a PM with you e-mail address. I might not be able to do it but until tomorrow evening.


  • Hi kfrajer Thanks a lot for your help. The version you send me is working on both Windows and Mac in Processing 3. Actually, I contacted Till and he sends me the link with Unfolding 0.9.9. I guess the library will be updated soon.

  • Thxs for the update.


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