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I'm making a game for a school project. The game is like Hundreds of Android and iOS and I have a little trouble with gameover section. I make a class to the circles and I want for each time the mousepressed is active and the mouse is on top of a circle, if that circle touch on other circle the gamestate change.

in my class i have this to the collision:

 boolean colide(Circulo c){
   return dist(x,y,c.x,c.y) <= raio + c.raio;

and this to see when mouse is hover a circle:

   boolean hit(int px, int py){
       return true;
       return false;

and I try to make something like this:

  for(int j=0; j<numcirc-1; j++){
    for(int i=j+1; i<numcirc; i++){
      if(circulos[i].colide(circulos[j]) && mousePressed && circulos[i].hit(mouseX,mouseY)){
        gamestate = 2;

but only work with some collisions...

hope someone can help me. thanks


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