Transitioning from Processing to Java

Hi everyone!

I have for about a year now(I think??) been programming in Processing to understand the basics of coding, the mindset of programming and the underlaying syntax etc.

However, my education, industrial engineering, requires me to transition from Processing to Java and C++. I have never written a word in pure Java. We are to use Eclipse, but I presume that any IDE works.

My question is this: how do I, in the most efficient way, understand the new syntax and the new concepts? I reckon that "just write a lot of code" won't do, seeing as how I am to write a final in basic Java programming in 2 months.

Thank you!



  • Shameless self-promotion: I wrote a series of tutorials that take you from Processing to Java, available here.

    But the best advice I can give you is to start small. Smaller than you think is interesting. Put together a simple hello world application in Java. Forget Eclipse for a second, and just do this with a basic text editor and a console.

    From there, branch out into more interesting things. Move onto Swing, or server-side development, or Android development. Work your way forward in small steps. Don't try to become a Java master overnight. This stuff takes time.

  • That is an amazing introduction! Wow! Thank you very much!

  • I would also look at IntelliJ, I like it far more then Eclipse. Eclipse is slow, and Eclipse had horrible bugs where I thought the bugs where in my code but it was a dirty cache of eclipse etc. I loved IntelliJ for so many more reasons but it's so long ago I used Eclipse that I moslty forgot how horrible eclipse was. Now I use VSCode but I don't recommend it if your education has a focus on eclipse. Also IntelliJ is easier to build jar files if you don't use something like maven.

    For C++ you can use CLion, it's like intelliJ for C / C++.

  • Your IDE shouldn't really matter, especially if you're just starting out. Focus on the fundamentals. Switch to an IDE when you're ready, but don't worry too much about it right now.

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