Help needed with P3D on Android

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Hi there

I developed a Processing based Android app month ago and I'm stuck with a bug that prevents me from releasing it.

I reported the issue Here

Here is and debug unsigned apk of my app

and Here is a video capture of the graphical problem

and here is the whole Android Studio project

It is kind of painful to have done a project almost all the way and not being able to release it

If anyone could give it the notch it needs to get out, I'll put his name in the splash screen with mine

It is hard to keep your enthusiasm up sometimes




  • I ran your code on a SG8 (installed the apk) and I am getting glitches running your demo. It happens from the start, not need to press the Home button. See the screenshot below. The artifacts are more towards the North Hemisphere. You can also see a high speed glitch at the center of the sphere. I mean, it changes fast but it seems it is drawing pieces of texture fragments from your main texture design. No idea how to solve the problem but just to share my experience with your code. Hope you can find a solution sooner than later.



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    Thank you @kfrajer :) the screenshot you made mixes all the bug together into something... artsy ? ;)

    I have one sort of depth buffer bug, ON SOME DEVICES, that clips together the 3 spheres I use

    And then I have the other bug, triggers by onPause/onResume that "break" the colors (fill()) of the horizontal lines on the side of the globe AND the color of the blind that serves as the background of the "menu"

  • @kfrajer it looks like the glitche you see from the start is happening on Oreos is your test on SG8 made on Oreo ?

  • Android v7 Nougat


  • thank you for this important bit of information. until now we thought it was a Oreo only bug

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    I'm not familiar with Processing Android development, but could an equivalent to needing a depth hint have something to do with it? Something like z-fighting, and using hint(DISABLE_DEPTH_TEST)...?

    Ah, I just read @codeanticode's response on the issue thread:

    As it turns out, the problem was caused by the getStyle/style() calls when pausing/resuming the sketch, as they were interfering with the blend modes in the UI. Saving/restoring the sketch style is not needed, the value of the style variables in PApplet is not lost when pausing the sketch (although saving the contents of the surface view is needed). Commit 62bfa77 fixes the issue.

  • Does the latest AM 4.0.1 fix this issue?


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    Android Core 4.0.1 fixes the first issue The one that made the render messed up when pausing the app and resuming it aka issue 413

    For the other issue, the one that messes up the render of the globes, on some devices only, it is still open as issue 437

  • FYI the "messes up render of the Globe" bug (appearing on certain machines) is probably related to "PShape meshes are not depth sorted."

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