OpenCV VideoCapture::set

edited December 2017 in Kinect

I want to know if there is a video capture set command in opencv for Processing that will let me set HARDWARE Video Capture Device settings contrast and brightness? I see cv2 for python has VideoCapture get and set, do these actually set the hardware device contrast and brightness assuming it supports these settings or is it just for filtering the raw image input from the device?

I use Debut from NCH to verify these settings are indeed active and can be set and do indeed effect the raw image input from the capture device.

I need a way to set them from my Processing program. I tryed the sample program BrightnessContrast.pde from the examples in GitHub for OPencv for Processing. THis just manipulates the image pixels , it does not change the raw image input from the capture device. I can prove this by leaving the brightness and contrast at a known value and getting the mean of all the pixels in the image. If i change the contrast in device settings in Debut , the mean changes.


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