Very basic question about pixels

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How do you find the center pixel?

Say I have the width set at an even number of pixels, 8.

Pixels going across pizel 0, pixel 1... to pixel 7.

I would think initially that to get to the centre, you'd say (8-1)/2 but this would be 3.5, and there's no pixel 3.5, so how would processing resolve this? Round up to pixel 4? And settle for an off-centre pixel?

Or should I say 8/4, instead of minusing 1 for the zero that gets counted?



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    • There's no exact center for an even quantity, only for odd. ^#(^
    • Let's say width is 800, so you've got a 0-799 range.
    • Centered pixel coordinate would be 800/2 = 400. But 399 would be valid too.
    • That is, both 399th & 400th would both be the centered pixels for an even width.
    • Now w/ width = 801, which is a 0-800 range, the 400th pixel coordinate is the exact center.
    • Left range is 0-399, right range is 401-800, and center is 400th. :-B
  • Thanks so much for responding to what I was starting to think was just me being ocd pedantic.

    So it's like the two center pixels become a double sized Center Pixel? If you coloured it with stroke(0), and then zoomed it to see the individual pixels with grid lines, there would be two coloured pixels?

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    So it's like the two center pixels become a double sized Center Pixel?

    • Not like that. It just means that for an even quantity of pixels, they're evenly split in half.
    • For example, let's say you've got resolution 800x600: size(800, 600);
    • So you've got width = 800 (0-799 range) & height = 600 (0-599 range).
    • For width, its left side got 400 pixels (0-399). Right side got 400 pixels too (400-799).
    • For height, its top side got 300 pixels (0-299). Bottom side got 300 pixels too (300-599).
    • Therefore both the 399th & 400th pixels are in the middle width of the canvas.
    • Same for height: both the 299th & 300th pixels. :-B
  • Follow up question in the same vein:

    Working with that pixel coordinate x=400 as the centre pixel coordinate in an even split, pixel399 on the left and pixel400 on the right, how does it work if I want to use this point as centre if I do something like rectMode (CENTER) with a width of 3 pixels. Which side gets the extra pixel?

  • Dunno the algorithm they use for rect() rendering when rectMode() is set to CENTER. :-??

  • Thanks. I thought I was missing something. Going through Learning Processing, but I wanted to figure this out before I moved on because I thought it might be important #:-S

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