How to Create a 3D Virtual Deformable Clay Model

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I have written a Processing code which takes input from 5 Flex Sensors (placed on the user's fingers) and an IMU (on the back of the hand) which are used together to estimate the flexion of the user's fingers and hand position/orientation. This data is then used to control a 3D hand model which I have implemented on Processing.

Now, I want to create a clay model which I can deform using the Processing hand. I want the deformation to mimic the shaping features which are available on software such as Blender, and other 3D modeling platforms.

Can anyone point me to a specific library which can do that, or maybe provide some useful advice? I have already tried using toxiclibs to simulate spring relations between clay particles, but its lack of clear documentation hindered my progress.

Thank you in advance!

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