The type oscP5.OscMessage cannot be resolved...

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I am running the example "BluetoothCursors" from Ketai library.

there is an error at line 125 \n if (m.checkAddrPattern("/remoteMouse/")) the error is as follows - \n

"The type oscP5.OscMessage cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files"

Can anyone shed some light on how to solve the issue.

If possible please suggest how to understand more clearly the ketai bluetooth cold.


  • Please first, can you tell use with Android Mode are you using and your ketai lib version? You can check these both directly from the Library Manager which you can access from the Processing IDE. Are you using the same example as from the website?


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    supposing that you are using P5 3.XX && ketai version 12 and looking to the error code it seems that ketai has its own oscP5Message which extends it: in the package there is a ketaiOscP5Message but i guess that osc5P5Message if included does not work with android. Try to verify creating some new sketch importing the oscP5 package or using some simple example from this lib and see what happens.

    Anyway you can easily code for bluetooth with the native android classes!

  • @kfrajer Android mode 4.0 ketai v14 I am using the example from ketai library. not the one from It si different and is related to some audio input ""

  • @akenaton I want to create apps for android that involve heavy bluetooth, wifi, internet and other such stuff, rather than just visual imagery like processing in java desktop mode. DO you suggest me to continue with processing or, as few of my friends suggest switch to Android studio or any other?

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    • your error does not seem to be related to audio files but to some missing package; in order to be sure i explained: try to use oscP5 lib in another sketch and see what happens. If it runs ry to import the oscP5Message in your first sketch...

    • as i told you if you are not mainly concerned by graphics use either AS or Eclipse && the android API.

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