How can I play an android project on my android device ?

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The question must sound odd but there is something I don't get right... I installed the SDK, set up my device's settings, and I can launch my work directly on it, within the USB. But how can I create an app ? I tried "Export android package", it exports quite lot of files, but when I put them on my device, there is no file understood as a lauhcheable one. I don't get it !


  • What instructions are you following? Check this:

    Usually what I do for testing purposes, I create a simple sketch that runs in Processing Java. Then, I switch to Android mode and run it. After like 1 minutes (not more than that) your application should start automatically in your device. If you close your app, then you should be able to go to your apps drawer and a generic icon with your app name should be there.


  • I read several times without understanding. Then I went to the apps drawer where, indeed, there was a generic icon with my app ! :-) Thanks a lot ! jn

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