Swap tiles not working!

Need help to fix my code! Thank you first of all. Check out the source code on my GitHub here!


  • Is it Processing code? All I see is .java files.

    Also, what's wrong with it? What works? What doesn't? What should it do?

  • Answer ✓
    public void swapTile(Tile tile1,Tile tile2) {
            final int row1 = tile1.getRow();
            final int row2 = tile2.getRow();
            final int col1 = tile1.getCol();
            final int col2 = tile2.getCol();
            final int drow = Math.abs(row1 - row2);
            final int dcol = Math.abs(col1 - col2);
            System.out.println(drow + "," + dcol);
            if((drow == 1 && col1 == col2) ||
                    (dcol == 1 && row1 == row2)) {
                final Tile toSwap = Tile.copy(tile1);
                tiles[row1][col1] = tile2;
                tiles[row2][col2] = toSwap;

    you don't update the tiles themselves with their new positions

  • Thank you for the responses. I have found the problems and it has been fixed :D

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