making a Gameover screen when a collision occurs

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Hey I was wondering how I would be able to go about making a gameover screen when a collision occurs. Right now i have a static wall which is called wal2 in the code below and i'm using the dist function to detect when my mouse is touching the ellipse and what I want is for it to change to screen GAMEOVER when the collision is true.

void draw() { if (screen == MAIN_MENU) { MAIN_MENU(); } else if (screen == INSTRUCTIONS) { INSTRUCTIONS(); } else if (screen == GAMEOVER) { GAMEOVER(); } else if (screen == STORY_1) { STORY_1(); } else if (screen == LEVEL_1) { LEVEL_1(); } } ` void LEVEL_1() {

// wall collisions// boolean collision = true;

if (collision) { screen = GAMEOVER; } else { screen = LEVEL_1; }

if (dist(wal2_x, wal2_y, mouseX, mouseY)<=162) { collision = true; } }`

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