Processing Integration with Server Cluster

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Hi All,

I have a decent sized network of servers that I use for rendering that I am interested in using to compute operations in Processing. Not sure the exact application yet just thought it would be interesting to check out. Is there a way in native processing language to send tasks to networked slave nodes to be computed and then back to the master node (my workstation in this case) to be compiled? One example I can think in an applet similar to "The Creators" by Constanza Casas, Mark C Mitchell and Pieter Steyaert ( to render each frame on the network similar to if the animation had been done in After Effects and rendered on a network. Another example would be say I want to place points at the midpoint of a large number of bezier curves generated by a point cloud. Basically I guess i'm asking if there is already a way to take advantage of a networked system to do some of the hardcore computation within Processing or if this is more likely done in straight Java? Thanks!

Nels Long SCI-Arc EST|m

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