Anyone know why my processing does this on my laptop but not on my PC or any other computer?

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Screenshot_3 These lines seem to appear when i run code for longer than 10 seconds. I know its not my code because It works fine on my PC and my friends laptops, but it doesnt seem to work properly on mine :/ really hard to do OOP when these lines appear. Any help would be apprecaited



  • That looks like the problem you get when you draw lines behind the camera in certain rendering modes. But without seeing the code we can't say much more.

  • @koogs im not drawing any lines behind the camera though, and the exact same code works perfectly on other laptops/computers. I really do not think it's my code but I can show you if you would like

  • Hmm. We've seen a couple of reports with fans of extra lines that are possibly related to this. IIR one was a computer with bad RAM; another was a bug in PShape -- but it has been fixed, unless you are running an old version of Processing. Are you using shapes / vertex for this? What is your Processing version?

    As @koogs said, you should share your code.

  • @jeremydouglass Hi, i think it may be because my laptop is older and I think it has some pretty bad RAM, that explains why It's showing up on this laptop but not my newer PC, Thanks

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