Load a moving GIF

Hello world, i'm still fairly new to processing

Is there any way we can load a moving gif rather than just a static one? Let's say the image file is called 'river'

I am aware of the contolP5 library, maybe this has something to do with the solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Benj



  • As far as I know, there is no library that directly supports gifs. Instead, you can make a work around by cycling through a collection of images. Processing has an offical example here which hopefully can help you get on your way : https://processing.org/examples/animatedsprite.html

    If you need an example using your gif, give me the gif and I'll gladly make it for you if you're stuck.

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    Search for gif on the libraries page.


  • Hello All,

    I want to upgrade my classroom to Processing 3 but we are deeply dependent on the GifAnimation library that works like a charm with Processing 2. (We do alot of interactive info-graphics and illustrattions).

    I was hoping that by now there would be an update to the library but it seems like this will be awhile. So, we will stay in Processsing 2 for now. Unless, someone knows something that I can't find? :)

    Oh please do share if you do! Thanks for reading!


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    So, we will stay in Processing 2 for now.

    Frankly, you're not losing that much staying w/ P2, given P3 hasn't brought much to Processing's API.
    In comparison, from P1 to P2, new features were huge! :P

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    This page says the Gif library works with Processing 3 but it doesn't...

  • Hi GoToLoop,

    For whatever reason I didn't get the memo that when you download the updated version of the GifAnimation library that you rename its out folder. DoH! Such a small thing - I guess I should have thought of that -pretty pleased now - thank you!

    Re: Processing 3 - I want to upgrade because I think the reminders about syntax errors in comments might help my students. However, it kind of annoyed me (I know you can turn it off). I was also wondering if this could hurt learning - like the idea that spell check stopped people from learning how to spell :)

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    For whatever reason I didn't get the memo that...

    B/c you're not the OP of this forum thread, you don't receive reminders. :-@
    Unless some1 quotes your nick w/ @ like this: @mnoble. B-)
    And I was stupid and forgotten to do so. b-(

    ... that you rename its out folder. DoH! Such a small thing...

    Dunno whether it might be explained somewhere else, but I believe the outer folder gotta match the ".jar" file's name. 8-|

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